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New Release: Rainbows, Masks, and Ice Cream

Needing to talk to children about Covid19 has motivated us to contribute three wonderful books that have been translated into multiple languages. Artist and author Deana Sobel Lederman, and CALEC’s team of translators have teamed up to complete a series of three different stories which take place during the Covid19 crisis. The three stories have already been translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian and French. They will soon be translated into Russian, Portuguese and Chinese, all (including the original books in English) to be published by our very own TBR Books.


The young protagonists of this story are told by their families that from now on everybody will have to wear a protective mask, and that they will be asked to keep their distance from each other. As the masks are purchased and delivered, the young people set out to the ice-cream shop, each one accompanied by a parent. The are amused to see adults wearing funny hats as a reminder of this new rule. However, social distancing and masks will not turn their spirit off and their enthusiasm is further reinforced by seeing and waiving at each other as they queue up. Once everyone has walked into the shop in turn, and bought their ice cream, they all go back to their respective homes to enjoy their gelato.

The Sewing Lesson

The mysterious humming noise and the light coming from the living room are keeping the young protagonist of this story awake. To understand what is going on, she reaches the room where her mother is and realises that she’s busy sewing protective masks. She also finds out that from now on all essential workers and all those who have to commute to go to work, must wear a mask. Once the young lady’s reluctance is won, and she resolves to wear a colourful mask made by her mother, she asks her to teach her how to sew. She wants to make a mask for her grandfather, who, touched by her gesture, hugs her tight as he walks in after his tiring shift at the hospital.

Noah Henry: A Rainbow Story.

Just like any other day, Noah Henry is getting ready to go to school until he is told by his parents that the school is closed. Sadly, the zoo is also closed and he won’t be able to play with his little friends, either. The situation doesn’t change even when, after talking to his teacher, he and his younger brother wash their hands as they are told. Not until he goes out for a walk with his family, does he notice that his friends have drawn a rainbow and displayed it on their windows, realising that they also share the same uncertainty, and that hopefully soon, they will all play together again.

Deana Sobel Lederman is a cartoonist and illustrator who lives in San Diego, California with her husband and two young sons. She is the author of Rainbows, Masks and Ice Cream, a series of three stories for children about the COVID-19 pandemic, and the webcomic Philip the Sea Lion. Her work has appeared in Business Insider, Barron’s, The Hairpin, the Brooklyn Public Library, Gallery New World Stages in Manhattan, or the New York City Department of Education’s publications. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Deana was the staff editorial cartoonist for The Daily Californian. She earned national recognition for her editorial cartoons and was a finalist for both the John Locher Memorial Award and the Society of Professional Journalism Mark of Excellence Awards. Her comic strip, Roomies, based on the lives of Deana and her six college roommates, was a finalist for MTV U’s Strips contest. In 2008, she received a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law, where she concentrated in copyright and patent law.

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