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New Release: French all around us

French is literally everywhere – in our history and values, in our families, and in our neighborhoods and communities, from the croissant or macaron in our local café or bistro to family and place names across the country. These are the stories of French language and Francophone culture in the US, but, even more importantly, the stories of Franco-Americans – ranging from descendants of the earliest French explorers and French-Canadian immigrants to the newest arrivals in the US from throughout the Francophone world. This book is of interest to all of us, whatever our background, as the experience of French language and Francophone culture in the US has similarities to and intersects with the many languages and cultures that have contributed to the American experience.

French all around us
French Language and Francophone Culture
in the United States

Edited by Kathleen Stein-Smith and Fabrice Jaumont

Paperback • Pub Date: March 20, 2022 • Page Count: 286 •
 Price: $24.99 • ISBN 978-1-63607-208-1 •   

Contributing Authors

Mélissa Baril, Timothy Beaulieu, Elizabeth Blood, David Cheramie, Melody Desjardins, Anthony DesRois,
Joseph Dunn, Georgie Ferguson, Katharine Harrington, Marine Havel, Marguerite Justus, Emmanuel Kayembe, Etienne Kouakou, Mark Labine, Ben Levine, Julia Schulz, Jesse Martineau, Monique Cairns, Jean Mirvil, Jerry Parker, Robert Perreault, Scott Tilton, Agnès Tounkara, David Vermette. 


“From page to page, myriad politico-linguistic issues, sociological discussions, and personal feelings mingle to sketch out the reality of French and Francophone cultures in the United States.”
—Philippe Etienne, Ambassador of France to the United States.

“A fascinating travel, deep into American culture and the many Francophone components of the country.”
— Ambassador Ifigeneia Kontoleontos,
International Organization of La Francophonie to the United Nations.

“A testament to the resilience of those who have preserved the language and traditions that are at the heart of who we are.”
— Representative Ryan Michael Fecteau, Speaker of the House of Representatives, The State of Maine.

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