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Embracing Linguistic Diversity at the Festival du Livre de Paris

We were thrilled to see the response to our French publications at the festival du livre de Paris. From bilingual education to cultural diversity, our books cover a wide array of topics aimed at promoting multilingualism, and they certainly seemed to strike a chord with the visitors. It was a pleasure to engage in thoughtful discussions and connect with fellow book lovers. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the event a success!

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Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating the launch of Ellen Bialystok’s latest book, “Bilingual Children,” in no less than the heart of France – the enchanting city of Paris. This event was more than just a book launch; it was a celebration of bilingualism, a testament to the power of language, and a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of bilingual education.

Our first rendezvous was at the Festival du Livre de Paris, an annual literary extravaganza that attracts authors, publishers, and book lovers from all corners of the world. Ellen Bialystok graced the event with her insightful discourse on her book, followed by a book signing session. It was a remarkable sight to see a line of people, young and old, waiting to get their copies of “Bilingual Children” signed by Ellen herself. This book is not just a read; it’s a journey into the world of bilingual children, filled with scientific research, personal narratives, and practical insights.

Our second event was an intellectual feast at the picturesque Salons of the Mairie in the 16th arrondissement. This discussion on bilingual education featured Ellen Bialystok, alongside esteemed experts Hélène H. Leone, and Fabrice Jaumont. The panel discussion was stimulating, with a palpable sense of passion in the room. The experts presented a compelling case for the benefits of bilingual education, not just for individual children but for families and communities as a whole.

Inspiring, educating, and promoting multilingualism is at the core of our mission at CALEC. The reception to “Bilingual Children” and our other French publications at the Festival du Livre de Paris, as well as the insightful discussion at Salons of the Mairie, reaffirms our commitment.

If you haven’t yet, get your copy of “Bilingual Children” here: You can also explore our other French publications at

We extend our sincere thanks to the authors, Ellen Bialystok and Fabrice Jaumont, and to our incredible team in Paris for their hard work and dedication. The success of these events was a collaborative effort, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Stay tuned for more exciting events, book releases, and initiatives from CALEC. Until next year, Paris! 📖

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Ellen Bialystok in Paris

Le saviez-vous ? Les langues étrangères que nous apprenons et pratiquons tout au long de notre vie ont un impact significatif sur notre existence, tant sur le plan cognitif que social et émotionnel. Que ce soit à des âges différents et pour des objectifs multiples, le plurilinguisme s’acquiert de manière variée. Découvrez pourquoi il est crucial d’analyser ce phénomène et ses effets sur les individus et les familles.
Connaissez-vous Ellen Bialystok ? Cette éminente professeure de psychologie canadienne est titulaire du poste prestigieux de professeur de recherche distingué à la York University de Toronto. Elle dirige le Laboratoire de cognition et de développement et est également scientifique associée à l’Institut de recherche Rotman du centre Baycrest de soins gériatriques. Découvrez l’histoire de cette femme inspirante et de son travail de recherche sur la cognition et le développement.La conversation sera modérée par Hélène Leone, fondatrice de l’École Canadienne Bilingue de Paris et Fabrice Jaumont, auteur de La révolution bilingue : le futur de l’éducation s’écrit en deux langues.
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Laissez les bons temps rouler in New Orleans

Several TBR Books authors attended the American Association of Teachers of French’s annual convention at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans on July 11-14, 2022. The convention’s theme was: “Laissez les bons temps rouler: Explorer la diversité du monde francophone.”

New Orleans-based Rhonda Broussard signed copies of her new book, One Good Question, at the CALEC booth. Joseph Dunn, Scott Tilton, Emmanuel Kayembe, and Kathleen Stein-Smith, who contributed to the recently-released French All Around Us, gave a talk on language advocacy. The book made the headlines of Frenchly and French Morning last month with the following title: “French All Around Us: The Evolving French Language in the United States.”

CALEC’s booth featured many of our books, including The Heart of an Artichoke, by Linda Ashour and Claire Lerognon, which was recently featured by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie; Rose Alone by Sheila Decosse, recently discussed in the East Hampton Star; Can We Agree to Disagree by Agathe Laurent and Sabine Landolt who were recently interviewed by France-Amérique for the edition of their August magazine; Deana Sobel Lederman’s Rainbow, Masks, and Ice Cream trilogy, now available in 14 languages; Le projet Colibri by Vickie Frémont; Fabrice Jaumont’s Conversations on Bilingualism; Valerie Sun’s Navigating Dual Immersion, and many more.

More information about TBR Books:

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Book Talk: French is Literally Everywhere: Stories of Francophone Culture in the U.S.

How many times have you wished someone a bon voyage? What about bon appétit? Ever indulged in a fresh croissant or New Orleans-style beignets? Or even just a coffee from Pret À Manger? If you didn’t know it already, French is literally everywhere – in our history and values, in our families, and in our neighborhoods and communities. The United States’ relationship with the French language is as old as the United States itself, and even predates its creation. But have you ever wondered what French culture has given us, beyond the Statue of Liberty, the state of Louisiana, and à la carte menus? Join us May 5th!

Hosted live from New York at the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie on May 5, 2022, at 4pm and on Facebook Live with interpretation in French and in English via French Morning.

As part of the « Spring Festival of La Francophonie » and on the occasion of the release of the 2022 Report on the French Language Worldwide and of the book « French All Around Us », the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF), the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities (CALEC) and French Morning invite you to :

“A conversation on the French Language in the United States : history, commitment and future” #language #education #french #unitedstates #francophonie

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New Release: French all around us

French is literally everywhere – in our history and values, in our families, and in our neighborhoods and communities, from the croissant or macaron in our local café or bistro to family and place names across the country. These are the stories of French language and Francophone culture in the US, but, even more importantly, the stories of Franco-Americans – ranging from descendants of the earliest French explorers and French-Canadian immigrants to the newest arrivals in the US from throughout the Francophone world. This book is of interest to all of us, whatever our background, as the experience of French language and Francophone culture in the US has similarities to and intersects with the many languages and cultures that have contributed to the American experience.

French all around us
French Language and Francophone Culture
in the United States

Edited by Kathleen Stein-Smith and Fabrice Jaumont

Paperback • Pub Date: March 20, 2022 • Page Count: 286 •
 Price: $24.99 • ISBN 978-1-63607-208-1 •   

Contributing Authors

Mélissa Baril, Timothy Beaulieu, Elizabeth Blood, David Cheramie, Melody Desjardins, Anthony DesRois,
Joseph Dunn, Georgie Ferguson, Katharine Harrington, Marine Havel, Marguerite Justus, Emmanuel Kayembe, Etienne Kouakou, Mark Labine, Ben Levine, Julia Schulz, Jesse Martineau, Monique Cairns, Jean Mirvil, Jerry Parker, Robert Perreault, Scott Tilton, Agnès Tounkara, David Vermette. 


“From page to page, myriad politico-linguistic issues, sociological discussions, and personal feelings mingle to sketch out the reality of French and Francophone cultures in the United States.”
—Philippe Etienne, Ambassador of France to the United States.

“A fascinating travel, deep into American culture and the many Francophone components of the country.”
— Ambassador Ifigeneia Kontoleontos,
International Organization of La Francophonie to the United Nations.

“A testament to the resilience of those who have preserved the language and traditions that are at the heart of who we are.”
— Representative Ryan Michael Fecteau, Speaker of the House of Representatives, The State of Maine.

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New Release: Rainbows, Masks, and Ice Cream

Needing to talk to children about Covid19 has motivated us to contribute three wonderful books that have been translated into multiple languages. Artist and author Deana Sobel Lederman, and CALEC’s team of translators have teamed up to complete a series of three different stories which take place during the Covid19 crisis. The three stories have already been translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian and French. They will soon be translated into Russian, Portuguese and Chinese, all (including the original books in English) to be published by our very own TBR Books.

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New Release: Can We Agree to Disagree?

A compelling collection of anecdotes about French and American professionals on their experiences working together. This book reveals the risks of misjudgments. It provides tips and tricks to foster mutual understanding. Its goal is to spark curiosity, encourage professionals to adopt the best methods from both cultures, and to better work together.

Can We Agree to Disagree? Exploring the differences at work between Americans and the French: A cross-cultural perspective on the gap between the Hexagon and the U.S., and tips for successful and happy collaborations, by Agathe Laurent and Sabine Landolt.

Order it now from TBR Books

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New York Launch of La Rivoluzione Bilingue

The New York launch of La Rivoluzione Bilingue was a success. It was hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute in their beautiful mansion on Park Avenue. The event was organized by InItaliano and the Consulate of Italy in New York.

InItaliano strives to keep parents informed about their options in their children’s education. Founded by Stefania Puxeddu, Benedetta Scardovi, and Francesco Fadda here is how InItaliano presented this event: “As we all know, in this country, parental involvement, along with the support of the DOE key players, is what makes the difference in this Bilingual Revolution. Together we can make informed decisions and make a change!” All net proceeds for “La Rivoluzione bilingue” were donated to InItaliano in support of Italian dual-language education in New York.
The book talk was introduced by Paolo Barlera, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, followed by Francesco Genuardi, Consul General of Italy who reminded us of his country’s engagement for multilingualism and for the advancement of the Italian language in the United States. Education Director Annavaleria Guazzieri interviewed author Fabrice Jaumont and moderated the discussion. It was great to launch the Italian translation in such grand style with the author, the book’s cover artist, Raymond Verdaguer, and the book’s Italian translator Stefania Puxeddu all reunited for this event.
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Book Launch of “La Rivoluzione Bilingue”

Join us for an informative event about the state of the art of Italian Dual Language programs in NYC’s Public Schools with teachers, principals, bilingualism experts, representatives of the DOE and published author Fabrice Jaumont for the launch of the Italian translation of his book “The Bilingual Revolution:” La Rivoluzione Bilingue, Il futuro dell’istruzione in due lingue, TBR Books, 2019.

Discussion will be followed by a toast to the growing Italian bilingualism initiatives in NYC!

This event is organized by InItaliano in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, the Italian Consulate General in NY and CALEC.

RSVP directly on Eventbrite

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Time: from 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Entrance: Free

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El regalo de las lenguas

Book Release: El regalo de las lenguas explora las abundantes ventajas de la educación multilingüe y prepara el escenario para un nuevo paradigma en la manera en que abordamos la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de los idiomas. Este libro alude brevemente al problema del déficit de lenguas extranjeras en Estados Unidos y a las modificaciones que tendrían que llevarse a cabo en las escuelas para atender de mejor manera a nuestros niños y a las comunidades lingüísticas. Asimismo, explora el crecimiento de la educación dual de lengua en los años recientes y la conexión entre la programación multilingüe y la resolución del problema de los idiomas y lenguas en este país.

Order it on