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Embracing Linguistic Diversity at the Festival du Livre de Paris

We were thrilled to see the response to our French publications at the festival du livre de Paris. From bilingual education to cultural diversity, our books cover a wide array of topics aimed at promoting multilingualism, and they certainly seemed to strike a chord with the visitors. It was a pleasure to engage in thoughtful discussions and connect with fellow book lovers. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the event a success!

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Last week, we had the privilege of celebrating the launch of Ellen Bialystok’s latest book, “Bilingual Children,” in no less than the heart of France – the enchanting city of Paris. This event was more than just a book launch; it was a celebration of bilingualism, a testament to the power of language, and a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of bilingual education.

Our first rendezvous was at the Festival du Livre de Paris, an annual literary extravaganza that attracts authors, publishers, and book lovers from all corners of the world. Ellen Bialystok graced the event with her insightful discourse on her book, followed by a book signing session. It was a remarkable sight to see a line of people, young and old, waiting to get their copies of “Bilingual Children” signed by Ellen herself. This book is not just a read; it’s a journey into the world of bilingual children, filled with scientific research, personal narratives, and practical insights.

Our second event was an intellectual feast at the picturesque Salons of the Mairie in the 16th arrondissement. This discussion on bilingual education featured Ellen Bialystok, alongside esteemed experts Hélène H. Leone, and Fabrice Jaumont. The panel discussion was stimulating, with a palpable sense of passion in the room. The experts presented a compelling case for the benefits of bilingual education, not just for individual children but for families and communities as a whole.

Inspiring, educating, and promoting multilingualism is at the core of our mission at CALEC. The reception to “Bilingual Children” and our other French publications at the Festival du Livre de Paris, as well as the insightful discussion at Salons of the Mairie, reaffirms our commitment.

If you haven’t yet, get your copy of “Bilingual Children” here: You can also explore our other French publications at

We extend our sincere thanks to the authors, Ellen Bialystok and Fabrice Jaumont, and to our incredible team in Paris for their hard work and dedication. The success of these events was a collaborative effort, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Stay tuned for more exciting events, book releases, and initiatives from CALEC. Until next year, Paris! 📖

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The Power of Bilingual Education: A Dialogue with Ellen Bialystok, Fabrice Jaumont, and Hélène Leone

We are thrilled to share a recent thought-provoking discussion involving two of CALEC’s distinguished authors, Ellen Bialystok and Fabrice Jaumont, and our new partner, the Bilingual Canadian School of Paris, represented by its founder Dr. Hélène Leone. This engaging conversation, organized during the Festival du Livre of Paris, aligns with CALEC’s mission of promoting language and cultural excellence, while fostering global understanding and inclusiveness. The event took place in the magnificent Mairie of the 16th arrondissement in Paris.

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Ellen Bialystok, a renowned Canadian psychology professor and Distinguished Research Professor at York University in Toronto, is also an Associate Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care. She has authored the insightful book “Enfants bilingues: familles, éducation et développement,” which delves into the cognitive, social, and emotional effects of learning and using foreign languages throughout life, as well as the benefits and challenges of bilingual education in the context of globalization and cultural diversity. Hélène Léone is a dedicated educator with an unwavering commitment to bilingual education and academic excellence. Fabrice Jaumont is an author, researcher, and education advisor, as well as CALEC’s founder.

During this enlightening conversation, the three panelists delved into various aspects of bilingualism and education. The discussion highlighted the cognitive, social, and emotional advantages of learning foreign languages throughout life, emphasizing how bilingualism fosters cognitive flexibility, problem-solving skills, and empathy. The panelists underscored the power of bilingual education in nurturing cognitive development, enriching family life, and bridging cultural gaps.

The speakers also addressed the challenges and opportunities presented by bilingual education in the context of globalization and cultural diversity. While bilingual education faces obstacles such as limited resources, teacher training, and cultural resistance, it offers a unique opportunity to promote global understanding, inclusiveness, and cultural exchange. Supporting bilingual education in educational systems and communities involves advocating for policy changes, providing resources and support to educators and families, and raising awareness of the benefits of bilingualism. The conversation emphasized the crucial role of ongoing research, collaboration between researchers and educators, and professional development opportunities for teachers in advancing the field of bilingual education.

Join us at CALEC in celebrating our authors and partners, as we continue to champion language and cultural excellence in a diverse and interconnected world. Support us by ordering our books.

Suggested readings from our catalog:

Ellen Bialystok’s Bilingual Children: Family, Education, Development. Also available in French.
Fabrice Jaumont’s Conversations on Bilingualism. Also available in French, and soon in Spanish and Arabic.
And visit the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris founded by Helene Leone.

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Book Release: A Bilingual Revolution for Africa

Exciting news for language and education enthusiasts! A Bilingual Revolution for Africa, a new book examining the potential of multilingual education across Africa, has just been released. This book, edited by Ayé Clarisse Hager-M’Boua and myself, brings together educators, researchers, and actors on the ground to explore the benefits of dual-language education in various sectors and countries of Africa.

The book’s preface is written by Yao Ydo, Director of UNESCO International Bureau of Education, while the introduction is written by Ayé Clarisse and I. The book is divided into four parts, each containing essays on various topics related to bilingual education in Africa.

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Part one, titled “Language and Cultural Identity,” includes four essays that focus on creating space for students’ linguistic and cultural heritage in the classroom, the assets and advantages of bilingualism, the particularities and limits of bilingual education in sub-Saharan Africa, and the importance and possibility of decolonial multilingual education through African mother tongues.

Part two, “Bi-Culturalism: African Culture and European Culture,” includes four essays on the place of heritage languages in the Cameroonian and Ontario school systems, visions for multilingual education in Côte d’Ivoire, translanguaging in indigenous Kenyan languages, and improving the quality of education in Africa using African languages for teaching.

Part three, “Multilingualism / Language Equity,” includes four essays on the urgent need for reorientation with regards to multilingual education advocacy in Africa, multilingual teachers for the multilingual classroom, multilingual glossaries for teaching and learning, and multilingual education for improved foreign language acquisition.

Part four, “Bilingual Education: Mother Tongue / French; Mother Tongue / English,” includes five essays on the need for bilingual education for the promotion of regional integration of communities in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, bilingual schools as a social project, the power of multiliteracy in The Gambia and Ghana, the challenges and relevance of tone didactics, and Fulfulde-French bilingual education.

The book has received praise from various scholars and educators, including Zahra Kamil Ali, Permanent Representative of the International Organization of La Francophonie for the Americas, who notes the strength of the book’s approach in different linguistic contexts. Maya Angela Smith, Associate Professor at the University of Washington, praises the book for prioritizing the lived experiences of multilingual students and providing valuable models for the rest of the world. Teboho Moja, Professor at New York University and the University of the Western Cape, highlights the book’s evidence that children underperform in schools not because they lack the ability to learn, but because they struggle with the languages used in school.

A Bilingual Revolution for Africa provides a positive and constructive vision for the future of bilingual education in Africa. It challenges the myths and obstacles that have retarded the development of dual-language education and offers a means to achieve economic growth and develop human capital within Africa’s multilingual environments. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the power of language and its impact on human development.

Congratulations to the authors: Agnès Ndiaye Tounkara, Ayé C. Hager-M’Boua, Ama E. Flora M’Baye & Pascaline A. Kouamé, Mbacké Diagne, Djeneba D. Bagayoko, Carole Fleuret & Julia E. Ndibnu-Messina, Michelle L. Solorio, Brenda A. Wawire, Maria J. Aaron, Daniel N. Obah, Pierre de Galbert & Cornelius Wambi Gulere, Feziwe Shoba & Koliswa Moropa, Tony V. Muzau, Félicien M. Maisha, Thomas Bearth et al., Ari Sherris & Joy K. Peyton, Venance Tokpa, and Djibrila Tetereou.

Order it here:

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Council of Europe recommendations on the importance of plurilingual and intercultural education for democratic culture

At their 1423rd meeting, on 2 February, the Ministers’ Deputies referred the Kavala v. Turkey case to the European Court of Human Rights to determine whether Turkey has failed to fulfil its obligation to implement the Court’s judgment in this case, in line with proceedings provided for under Article 46.4 of the European Convention on Human Rights [more information …].

The Deputies adopted a recommendation to member States on the importance of plurilingual and intercultural education for democratic culture and took note of its explanatory memorandum. This recommendation addresses two developments of concern to the Council of Europe: a tendency on the part of public authorities and civil society to think that proficiency in one additional language is enough; and the notion that proficiency in minority or migrant languages, widespread in today’s increasingly diverse societies, is harmful to societal cohesion.

More information

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DC Multilingual Fair

It was great to see so much interest for multilingualism and bilingual education in Washington, DC last Saturday! The CALEC team, which included Yenlik and Meichen took part in DC Immersion’s Multilingual Education Fair with a table loaded with books, brochures, and goodies! We were thrilled to make so many new connections! 🙂 Many thanks to DC Language Immersion Project for your amazing work! 👏

#BilingualFair #DCevents #education #bilingualism

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Révolution bilingue in Manhattan

Full house in support of more French dual-language programs in New York organized by Stephane Lautner, a French-American parent who has worked tirelessly to create a new program in Manhattan. Salle pleine pour les programmes bilingues de New York avec une réunion organisée par Stéphane Lautner, un parent franco-américain qui travaille sans relâche pour créer un programme à Manhattan.

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New York Launch of La Rivoluzione Bilingue

The New York launch of La Rivoluzione Bilingue was a success. It was hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute in their beautiful mansion on Park Avenue. The event was organized by InItaliano and the Consulate of Italy in New York.

InItaliano strives to keep parents informed about their options in their children’s education. Founded by Stefania Puxeddu, Benedetta Scardovi, and Francesco Fadda here is how InItaliano presented this event: “As we all know, in this country, parental involvement, along with the support of the DOE key players, is what makes the difference in this Bilingual Revolution. Together we can make informed decisions and make a change!” All net proceeds for “La Rivoluzione bilingue” were donated to InItaliano in support of Italian dual-language education in New York.
The book talk was introduced by Paolo Barlera, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, followed by Francesco Genuardi, Consul General of Italy who reminded us of his country’s engagement for multilingualism and for the advancement of the Italian language in the United States. Education Director Annavaleria Guazzieri interviewed author Fabrice Jaumont and moderated the discussion. It was great to launch the Italian translation in such grand style with the author, the book’s cover artist, Raymond Verdaguer, and the book’s Italian translator Stefania Puxeddu all reunited for this event.
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Bilingual Forum in Philadelphia

CALEC was in Philadelphia on October 6th to participate in the bilingual forum organized by PhilaFLAM in order to emphasize the importance of learning new languages, and of choosing a bilingual education all the way to college. French, German, Spanish, and English were languages represented during the fair which also offered a series of conferences including one by Fabrice Jaumont – world expert and CALEC’s author of the Bilingual Revolution on the implementation of bilingual programs in public schools.

More information:

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The Japanese-English Dual Language Program in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Multilingual kids from all socio-economic and racial backgrounds thriving in a Japanese-English dual-language program. In Bushwick! In a public school! For free!

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Workshop: Transforming Communities through Multilingualism with NYCDOE

We were thrilled to give two presentations during Transforming Communities through Multilingualism, a three-day seminar hosted by the New York City Department of Education on November 5 and 7, 2018. CALEC President Fabrice Jaumont was able to present our flagship program, The Bilingal Revolution, and share his experiences about the importance of parents and grassroots efforts for New York’s  multilingual learners. Other presenters included Dr. José Medina. Chancellor Richard Carranza, Dr. Linda Chen, Kathleen Leos, Dr. Margarita Calderón, and many more.
We are even more convinced that NYC will gain tremendously from offering dual language programs in as many languages as possible. We believe bilingual education is for all. The time to do this is now! Being bilingual is the new norm and it must start with our youngest citizens.

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