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Can We Agree to Disagree? An Interview with Agathe Laurent and Sabine Landolt

Andrew Palmacci recently sat down for a Zoom conversation with authors Agathe Laurent and Sabine Landolt to hear about the making of their new book, Can We Agree to Disagree?, which tackles the challenges, complexities and, yes, struggles of Americans working with the French, and vice-versa, in companies in both countries. Its format is to treat different work-world themes in sections, seasoned with real-life quotes from professionals of both nationalities on the ground. Underlying the authors’ work is the idea of facilitating cross-cultural communication and understanding between professionals from and on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s truly an unconventional attempt to bridge the disconnect between cultures. Read the interview on NewYorkinFrench. Join the authors on FrenchMorning’s show, La Bande FM: Comprendre les différences franco-américaines au travail on July 2, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada).

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